The lines are tabbed so each "-" equates to an eighth note. Where you see ~3~, play the three notes as a triplet. Where you see ~16~, make them sixteenth notes. Frets are numbered 0-9, and where you have to go higher, A=10th fret, B=11th and so on. Tabbed by Michael Oxner, [INTRO] BE E C#m A B G:--------|--------|--------|--------| D:------2-|-------1|2-------|--2---1-| A:-----2--|-----24-|--2-4---|0---24-2| E:--------|--------|------4-|--------| [VERSE] E C#m I'd like to be under the sea A B In an Octopus's Garden in the shade. E C#m He'd let us in knows where we've been, A B In his Octopus's Garden in the shade. E C#m A B ~16~ E C#m A B ~16~ G:--------|--------|--------|----------|--------|--------|--------|----------| D:2---2-1-|--------|--2---2-|------1--1|2---2-1-|--------|--2---2-|-----1--1 | A:--2-----|4---4-2-|0---0--0|222224-24-|--2-----|4---4-2-|0---0--0|22224-24--| E:--------|--4-----|--------|----------|--------|--4-----|--------|----------| [CHORUS] C#m C#m I'd ask my friends to come and see A B An Octopus's Garden with me. (All together) E C#m I'd like to be under the sea A B E In an Octopus's Garden in the shade. C#m C#m A B E C#m A B E ~16~ G:--------|--------|--------|--------|--9-----|--6-----|--------|----9-96--| D:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--77----|--9-----96| A:4-------|----4-2-|0-------|-------6|7---7-6-|4---4---|-------6|7---------| E:--------|--------|--------|7777 79-|--------|------7-|5---7-9-|----------| [VERSE] E C#m We would be warm below the storm A B In our little hideaway beneath the waves. (Ahhhh) E C#m Resting our head on the sea bed A B In an Octopus's Garden near a cave. (Ahhhh) E C#m A B E ~3~ C#m ~3~ A B G:--------|--------|--------|--------|----------|----------|--------|--------| D:--------|--------|--2---2-|--4---1-|2---232-1-|----------|--2----2|----1---| A:7---7-6-|4---4422|0---0--0|2---24-2|--2-------|4---454-2-|0---0-4-|2-24--2-| E:--7-----|--4-----|--------|--------|----------|--4-------|--------|--------| [CHORUS] C#m We would sing and dance around A B Because we know we can't be found. E C#m (All together) I'd like to be under the sea A B E In an Octopus's Garden in the shade. C#m C#m A B E C#m A B E ~16~ G:----D---|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|----79-997-| D:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|----------9| A:4-------|--------|0-------|-------6|7---7-6-|4---4---|--7--46-|7----------| E:--------|----9-7-|--------|777--79-|--7-----|--4---7-|5---7--7|--7--------| [SOLO] A F#m D E ~3~ A F#m D E ~16~ A B ~16~ G:--------|--------|--------|----------|--------|--------|----------|----------| D:77--77--|--------|00--00--|------6---|77--77--|--------|00--2220--|--------1-| A:--7---7-|99--99--|--0---0-|77--79--7-|--7---7-|99--997-|--0-----42|00002224--| E:--------|--9---9-|--------|--7-------|--------|--9-----|----------|----------| [VERSE] E C#m We would shout (Ahhhh) and swim about (Ooooh) A B The coral that lies beneath the waves. (Lies beneath the ocean waves) E C#m Oh, what joy for (Ahhhh) every girl and boy (Ooooh) A B Knowing they're happy and they're safe. (Happy and they're safe) E C#m A B E C#m A B G:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| D:2---22--|--------|--2---2-|----1--1|22--2-1-|--------|--2---2-|--4----1| A:--2----2|4---44-2|0---0--0|2244-24-|--2-----|4---442-|0---04-4|2---2-4-| E:--------|--4-----|--------|--------|--------|--4-----|--------|--------| [CHORUS] C#m We would be so happy, you and me. A B No one there to tell us what to do. E C#m I'd like to be (Ahhhh) under the sea (Ooooh) A B C#m In an Octopus's Garden with you, (Ooooh, Ahhhh) C#m C#m A B E C#m A B C#m G:--------|----66--|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| D:--------|---6----|--------|-------1|2---221-|--------|--2----1|2-------| A:4-------|--------|0-------|2222 24-|--2-----|4---4-2-|0---2-4-|--2-4-2-| E:--------|------7-|--------|--------|--------|--4-----|--------|--------| [CODA] A B C#m In an Octopus's Garden with you, (Ooooh, Ahhhh) A B E B-E In an Octopus's Garden with you. (Ooooh, Ahhhh) A B C#m A B E B E G:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| D:---2---4|--------|------1-|2 1h2-------| A:0-4-2-4-|44444422|0-4-2---|--------|--------| E:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|
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