The Beatles - Norwegian wood

My transcription includes an Intro (using Chord Melody, not single notes), and complete chord progressions with lyrics (which hasn't been done yet). Questions/Comments . . . Transcribed by: Ian C.T. vom Saal Beatles: Norwegian Wood Capo: 2nd fret Chords: C[032010] Cadd9[032030] Dsus4[x00233] Asus4[x00230] G[320033] D[x00232] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Intro 2x] **[D-Chord-e-string--5--7-5-3-2--0-3-2-(3-D-string)]... C - Cadd9 - G - D ** moving melody above: {xx0235}{xx0237}{xx0235}{xx0233}{xx0232}{xx0230}{xx0233}{xx0232}{x0023x}... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VERSE-1] [D] I [Dsus4]once [D]had [Asus4]A [D]girl [Asus4]or [Dsus4]should [D]I [Asus4]say [C]she [Cadd9]once [G]had [D]me [D]she [Dsus4]showed [D]me [Asus4]her [D]room, [Asus4]is[Dsus4]n't [D]it [Asus4]good [C]Nor[Cadd9]weg[G]ian[D]wood -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [CHORUS] She [Dm]asked me to stay and she told me to sit any[G]where. So [Dm] I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a [Em] chair [A] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VERSE-2] [D]I sat on a rug, biding my [D]time,[C]drin[Cadd9]king [G]her [D]wine [D]We talked until two,and then she[Asus4]said[C]it's[Cadd9]time[G]for[D]bed -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [INTRO] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [CHORUS] She[Dm] told me she worked in the morning and started to [G]laugh I [Dm] told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the [Em]bath[A] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VERSE] [D]And when I awoke, I was a[D]lone [C]this [Cadd9]bird [G]had [D]flown [D]So, I lit a fire, isn't it [Asus4] good [C]Nor[Cadd9]weg[G]ian[D]wood -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Intro] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcribed by: Ian C.T. vom Saal --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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