The Beatles - Nobody I Know

CNobody I know could Dm7love me G7more than Cyou. Dm7 G7 CYou can give me so much Bblove it seG7ems unD7true. G7 CListen to the bird who Emsings it in the tree, Amand the when you've heard him, Absee if you agree. CNobody I know could Dm7love you G7more than Cme. Dm7 G7
Everywhere I go the sun comes shining through. Everyone I know is sure it shines on you. Even in my dreams I look into your eyes, suddenly it seems, I've found a paradise.
CEverywhere I go the Dm7sun comes G7shining thCrough. D G7 C
AmMeans so much to E7be a part of a Aheart of a wonderful Cone. AmWhen other lovers are Cgone, we'll live Dm7on, G7 we'll live Con. Dm7 G7 {c: repeat first verse}
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