Martha My Dear By: The Beatles capo on 3rd fret
CMartha my dear, though I B7spend mEmy days Em7in conveArsation Dplease, remember Gme... Fadd9Martha, my lG7ove, Fmaj7don't forget G7me, Fmaj7Martha my dG7ear.
Bm7 Emadd9 Hold your head up, you silly girl,
Dlook what you've done. AWhen you Asus4find yourself in the Athick of it, Asus4Help yourself to a Abit of what is F#7all arBm7ound you, Emadd9 Silly girl.
Take a Bm7good look aE7round you, Bm7 E7 Gmaj7/A Take a good look you're bound to see, that you and me, Gmaj7 Bm7 Emadd9 C Were meant to be... for each other... silly girl.
LINK: C, C, B7, Em, Em7, A, D, G, Fadd9, G7, Fmaj7, G, G7 Bm7 Emadd9 Hold your hand out, you silly girl,
Dsee what you've done. AWhen youAsus4 find yourself in theA thick of it, Asus4Help yourself to a Abit of what isF#7 all aBm7round you, Emadd9 C, G7, C Silly girl.
CMartha, my dear, you have B7always Embeen my Em7inspirAation Dplease, be good to Gme. Fadd9Martha my loG7ve, Fmaj7don't forget G7me, Fmaj7Martha, my G7dear.
CODA C, C/B, C/A, C/G, C
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