This is an easy way to play this song using movible / barre chords. It's fun and simple and sounds good even though not 100% accurate. Mark Cox 3/08 A Barre A7 Barre F#m Barre Dm Barre F 5th fret 5th fret 2nd fret 5th fret e|-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- e-X-|---|--- B|-X-|---|--- B|-X-|---|--- B|-X-|---|--- B|---|-X-|--- B-X-|---|--- G|---|-X-|--- G|---|-X-|--- G|-X-|---|--- G|---|---|-X- G---|-X-|--- D|---|---|-X- D|-X-|---|--- D|---|---|-X- D|---|---|-X- D---|---|-X- A|---|---|-X- A|---|---|-X- A|---|---|-X- A|-X-|---|--- A---|---|-X- E|-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- E-X-|---|--- C Barre G Barre D Barre Bb 3rd fret 3rd fret 5th Fret e-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- e|-X-|---|--- B---|---|-X- B|---|---|-X- B|-X-|---|--- B|---|---|-X- G---|---|-X- G|---|---|-X- G|---|-X-|--- G|---|---|-X- D---|---|-X- D|---|---|-X- D|---|---|-X- D|---|---|-X- A-X-|---|--- A|-X-|---|--- A|---|---|-X- A|-X-|---|--- E-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- E|-X-|---|--- Intro: e|------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------| G|----------9---------9---------9-------7--6------| D|------7------7----------7--------7----------7---| A|---7------------10---------9--------8-----------| E|------------------------------------------------| Verse (all verses follow same progression)
APicture yourA7self on a F#mboat on a Dmriver with Atangerine A7trees and F#Mmarmalade Fskies. ASomebody A7calls you and you F#manswer quite Dmslowly a Agirl with
kaelA7idoscope Feyes (change key) BbCelophane flowers of Cyellow and green Dmtowering over your Bbhead. CLook for the girl with the Gsun in her eyes and
Dshe's gone Chorus GLucy in the CSky with DDiamonds
GLucy in the CSky with DDiamonds GLucy in the CSky with DDiamonds Dahhhhhhhh (at end of song) Dahhhhh/Aahhhhh
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