Ive Got A Feeling this is an easy song to play so enjoy (with chords). A D A D I've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yAeah, D Oh yeAah. (thatD's right.) A I've got a fDeeling, a Afeeling I can't hDide Oh no. no. A D Oh no! Oh no. A A7Yeah! E YeGah! D I've got a feeAling. Yeah! AOh please beDlieve me, I'Ad hate to miss the tDrain Oh Ayeah, yeah, oh yeDah. AAnd if you leave mDe I won't be late aAgain DOh no, oh nAo, oh no. A7 Yeah E YeGah DI've got a feeliAng, yeah. AI got a feeling. E7All these years I've been wandering around, G7Wondering how come nobody told me DAll that I was looking for was somebody Who lDooked like yoAu. AI've got a feeling thDat keeps me on my toes Oh yeAah, Oh yDeah. I'Ave got a feDeling, I thinAk that everybody Dknows. Oh yAeah, Oh yeahD, Oh yeaAh. A7 Yeah! E YeGah! D I've got a feelinAg. Yeah! Ev'rAybody had a harDd year. AEv'rybody had a goDod time. Ev'rAybody had a wet drDeam. AEv'rybody saw the Dsunshine. Oh yAeah, Oh yeah. Oh YeDah. AEv'rybody had a goDod year. Ev'ryAbody let their haDir down. AEv'rybody pulled thDeir socks up. (yeah.) Ev'ryAbody put their fooDt down.
Oh yeah. Yeah! WOOOOHOO!
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