Ci getEm high whenBb i see Fyou go Gsusby Gmy oh my Cwhen Emyou sigh myBb my insFide justGsus flies GButterflies FWhy am i so Gshy when im bCeside Amyou AmIt's only Bblove and that is G7all G7why should i Cfeel the way iAm do AmIts onlyBb love and that is G7all G7but its so Fhard lovingG7 you
(its the same for the next verse ill give you the lyrics) Is it right that you and i should fight every night just the sight of you makes night time bright very bright havent i the right to make it up girl its only love and that is all why should i feel the way i do its only love and that is all but its so hard loving you
GYeah its soF hard lovingG7 you CLovingAm you (x6)
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