The Beatles - It wont be long

It Won't Be Long:The Beatles. #2 in UK in '63. CHORUS: (Capo 4th fret for original.)
It won't be Amlong yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It won't be Clong yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It won't be Amlong yeah, Ftill Dm7I beFlong to Cyou...
CEvery night when G#everybody has Cfun, CHere am I G#sitting all on my Cown.
CSince you left me, BbI'm so alone, Now you're Acoming, you're A7coming on home. FI'll be good like I Gknow I should, You're coming Dm7home, you're coming GhoG7me.
CEvery night the G#tears come down from my Ceyes. CEvery day G#I've done nothing but Ccry.
CEvery day G#we'll be happy I Cknow. CNow I know that G#you won't leave me no Cmore.
CHORUS: A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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