The Beatles - It's only love

Intro: C Am
CI get hBmigh when AmI see yFou go bGy My oh my. CWhen you sBmigh, my, Ammy insFide just flGies,
FWhy am I so shGy when I'm besCide yAmou' It's only lFove and that is Gall, Why should I fCeel the way I Amdo' It's only lFove, and that is Gall, But it's sCo hard loving yGou.
Is it right that you and I should fight Ev'ry night' Just the sight of you makes nighttime bright, Very bright. Haven't I the right to make it up girl' It's only love and that is all, Why should I feel the way I do' It's only love, and that is all
But it's Cso hard loving yGou Yes it's Cso hard loving yGou -- loving yCou Am C Am C
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