A There are places I'll remembeF#mr All my lifBme tDmhough soAme have changed ASome for ever not for better F#m Some have gone,Bm anDmd some remAain. All these plaF#mces have their momentsBm With lovGers and friends, I still canA recall Some are dead aF#mnd some are living Bm In my lDifDme, I've lAoved them all
But of allA these friends and lovers F#m There is no BmoneDm coAmpared with you AAnd these memories lose their meaning F#m When I thinBmk of lovDme as someAthing new Thought I knoF#mw I'll never lose affectionBm For peGople and things that went beforAe I knF#mow I'll often stop and think about theBmm In mDy Dmlife I'll Alove you more In mDy Dmlife I'll Alove you more
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