The Beatles - Im talking about you

Written by Chuck Berry E7=X-7-6-7-5-X A7=5-7-5-6-8-5 B7=7-9-7-8-7-10 INTRO e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|------------------------------1--|---------------------------------| G|------------------------------0--|---------------------------------| D|----------------------0--2-------|---------2-----------------------| A|-----------------2---------------|-----------------2---------------| E|-0-------------------------------|-------------------------5-p-3---| e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E|-0-------------------------------|---------------------------------|
E7Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know I met her walkin' down a uptown street
She's so fine you know I wished she was mine I get shook up every time we meet
E7I'm talkin' 'bout you Nobody but you baby Yeah, I do mean A7you B7I'm just trying to get a message to you
E7Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know I tell ya now she looks so good
Got so much skills and such a beautiful will She oughta be somewhere in Hollywood
E7I'm talkin' 'bout you Nobody but you Come on, give me a A7cue B7So I can get a message to you
E7Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know She's sittin' right here by my side
Lovely indeed that's why I asked if she Promised someday she would be my bride
E7I'm talkin' 'bout you I do mean you Nobody but yA7ou B7Come on, let met get a message through
E7 A7 E7
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