The Beatles - Im looking through you

I've seen a lot of versions of this song on Ultimate-Guitar, but I don't think that any of them is quite correct. If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself, right? Here goes my first submission: Transcription by lulzearnos I'm Looking Through You Rubber Soul [UK] (1965) The Beatles Capo I Chords: Ab = 320033 Ab* = xx0087 Ab/C = x20033 Abmaj9 = xx0075 Bbm = x02210 Bbm7 = x02030 Db = x32033 Eb = xx0232 Ebsus4 = xx0233 Fm = xxx000 Fm7 = 020003 Intro Ab* Abmaj9 Fm Ab Db x3 Verse 1
AbI'mDb looAb/Cking Bbmthrough you.Fm7 Where did you gEbo? AbI tDbhougAb/Ch I kBbmnew you.Fm7 What did I Ebknow? Fm7You don't look Bbm7different, but Abyou Dbhave Ebchanged. AbI'mDb looAb/Cking Bbmthrough you.Db You're not the sAbame.
Verse 2
AbYour DblipsAb/C are Bbmmoving.Fm7 I cannot hEbear. AbYour DbvoicAb/Ce is Bbmsoothing,Fm7 but the words aren't Ebclear. Fm7You don't sound Bbm7different. I've Ablearned Dbthe Ebgame. AbI'mDb looAb/Cking Bbmthrough you.Db You're not the sAbame.
DbWhy, tell me why did you not Abtreat me right? DbLove has a nasty habit of Ebsus4disappearing Ebovernight.
Verse 3
AbYou're DbthinAb/Cking Bbmof meFm7 the same old wEbay. AbYouDb werAb/Ce aboBbmve meFm7 but not todEbay. Fm7The only Bbm7difference is Abyou're Dbdown Ebthere. AbI'mDb looAb/Cking Bbmthrough you,Db and you're nowhAbere.
Bridge Verse 1 Outro
Ab Db YeahAb, oh, Dbbaby you've cAbhanged.Db Ab Aah,Db I'm looking Abthough yDbou. YAbeah,Db I'm looking Abthrough yDbou. Ab Db You've chaAbnged. You've chDbanged. You've chaAbnged. You've cDbhanged. (Fade out)
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