I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles Tabbed By : R8:31b Key Cc - Crash Cymbal s = splash Rc - Ride Cymbal Hh - Hi-Hat x = closed, o = open, s = semi-open t - Small Tom T - Medium Tom Ft - Floor Tom Sd - Snare Drum Bd - Bass Drum Capital letters = accented hits f = flam g = ghost/grace note d = double stroke (2 32nd notes in the space of a 16th) quietest g < G < o/b/x < O/B/X loudest Ride Bell Notes: Sometimes Ringo sticks in ride hits on the eigth note spots where there wasn't one before when repeating a part. For example: the second time through the bridge, on the third measure, I marked a crash on beat 1 and ride on beat 2, but Ringo plays crash on beat 1, ride on the and of beat 1, ride on beat 2. It's not a big deal but be sure to throw in a little improvisation at times. That being said, consider this tab about 90% accurate. Intro approx. 152 beats/quarter 3/4 Cc |------------||------------||------------||------------| Hh |x-----------||------------||x-----------||------------| Sd |------------||o-----------||------------||o-----------| Bd |b---b---b---||b---b---b---||b---b---b---||b---b---b---| Cc |------------||----x---x---||x-----------||----x---x---| Hh |x-----------||------------||------------||------------| Sd |------------||o---o---o---||o-----------||o---o---o---| Bd |b---b---b---||b---b---b---||b---b---b---||b---b---b---| Cc |x-----------||------------|| Hh |------------||x-----------|| rest after this indefinitely Sd |o-----------||o-----------|| Bd |b---b---b---||b-----------|| Aprox 114 beats/quarter "I want you" (listen to song to know when exactly) Sd |o-o-o| "I want you so bad" Sd |o-o-o-o| "I want you" Sd |o-o-o| "I want you so BAD (come in here)..." Rc |x---x---x---x---||x---x---x---x---||x---x---x---x---||x---x---x-------| Sd |----------------||----------------||----------------||----------gooooo| Sd |-ooooo| Verse 1 4/4 |-------8x-------| Rc |x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-| Sd |--------o-------| Bd |b---------------| Bridge (triplet) Cc |x--x--x--||x---------------||----------------||x-----------x---| Rc |---------||----x---x---x---||----------------||----x-x-x-x---x-| Sd |o--o--o--||--------o-------||f---------------||--------o-------| Bd |---------||b---------------||--b-------------||b---------------| Cc |----------------||x---------------||----------------| Rc |----------------||----x-x-x-x-x-x-||x---------------| Hh |----------------||----------------||----s-----------| Sd |f---------------||--------o-------||----------------| Bd |--b-------------||b---------------||b---------------| Repeat verse 1, 10 repeats instead of 8 4/4 2/4 t |---o----| Ft |----o-o-| Sd |oo------| Repeat Verse 1 4/4 Repeat Bridge 4/4 Chorus (She's so heavy) 3/4 approx. 152 beats/quarter |------------2x------------| Cc |------------||------------||------------||----x---x---| Rc |x---x---x---||x---x---x---||x---x---x---||x-----------| Sd |------------||o-----------||------------||o-----------| Bd |b-----------||------------||b-----------||----b---b---| |------------4x------------| Cc |------------||------------||------------||----x---x---| Rc |x---x---x---||x---x---x---||x---x---x---||x-----------| Sd |------------||o-----------||------------||o-----------| Bd |b-----------||------------||b-----------||----b---b---| Rc |x---x---x---||x---x---x---||x---x---x---||------------| Sd |------------||o-----------||------------||o-----------| Bd |b-----------||------------||b-----------||b-----------| NOTE ON CHORUS: The chorus is repeated several times, and Ringo sometimes puts a crash at the beginning of a measure where I have put in a ride. It would simply waste space and paper to write out all the crashes he sticks in that are different from the first time through, so I'll leave it up to you. And of course, the volume of the ride tends to be louder on the first beat but soft on the second two. Wait approximately 3 measures Verse 2 approx. 114 beats/quarter 4/4 |-------9x-------| 2/4 Rc |x---x-x-x-x-x-x-||x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-||--------| t |----------------||----------------||oo-o----| Ft |----------------||----------------||----o-o-| Sd |------------o---||------------o---||--------| Bd |----b-b---------||----b-b---------||--------| |------8x--------| > On the second time through verse 2, there Cc |----------------| > are ocassional triplets on the ride, most Rc |x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-| > likely improvised, invloving triplets between Sd |------------o---| > the bell & ride and only beginning with the 5th, Bd |----b-b---------| > 6th, or 7th ride note and ONLY in the 8x part. Repeat Bridge 4/4 Repeat Chorus 3/4 Repeat Verse 2 EXCEPT different 2/4 fill: t |oooo----| T |----oo--| Ft |------o-| Repeat Bridge 4/4 Outro: Repeat Chorus 3/4 And of course, the 2 minute set of fills. Ringo's fills get gradually more complex, starting by following the original pattern in the chorus and simply hitting toms instead of snares. By the end, he is hardly making the same pattern. I don't want to take the time to tab all of his fills, but there are some consistent things. -Beginning right after the bridge ends, there are 148 measures in 3/4 and then one measure that abruptly stops on the first beat. -Ringo's fills ALWAYS have three or six snare/tom/bass hits per ride cymbal, three ride's per measure unless doing a long roll across the set. -Try to syncopate the fills as much; stay away from just hitting "quarter quarter quarter". -Most importantly stay in 3/4, and never do a roll longer than 6 notes on one drum.
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