Intro: C-C#-D x4
Oh yeah, IG'll tell you sDomething,Em I think you understBand, Then IG'll - say that sDomething,Em I wanna hold your hBand CI wanna hDold your hGand,Em CI wanna hDold your hGand.
Oh pleGase, say to mDe, Em you'll let me be your mBan And plGease, say to Dme,Em you'll let me hold your hBand. CNow let me hDold your hGandEm, CI wanna hDold your hGand!
DmAnd when I toGuch you I feel hCappy, insAmide. DmIt's such a fGeeling that me lCove C -C# -D C -C# -D C -C# -D I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hide!
Yeah, yGou, got that soDmething,Em I think you'll understaBnd, when GI,feel that sDomethingEm, I wanna hold your hBand! CI wanna hDold your hGandEm, CI wanna hoDld your hBand,
CI wanna hoDld your hCa-aGnd!
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