“I Need You” by the Beatles from “Help” Intro | A |Aadd9 |Asus |A | Verse 1
AYou don't realiDze how much I needA youAadd9, Asus A ALove you all thDe time and never lAeaveA7 youAsus, A F#mPlease come back C#mto me, F#mI'm lonely as can Bmbe. AI neAadd9ed you,Asus A
Verse 2
ASaid you had a Dthing or two to teAll mAadd9e, Asus A AHow was I to knDow you would upsetA me.A7 Asus A F#mI didn't realize C#mas I loF#moked in your eyes,Bm Ayou Aadd9told meAsus A
Aoh yes you tDold me You dEon't want my lovin' anyAmore. AThat's when itD hurt me and fEeeling like this I juB7st don't go on anyEmore.
Verse 3
APlease rememberD how I feel about Ayou,Aadd9 Asus A AI could never rDeally live withoutA youA7, Asus A F#mSo, come on back C#mand seeF#m Just what you meBman to me AI neAadd9ed you AsusI needA you.
Bridge Verse3 Outro
F#mI need you,Dmaj7 I need you | A |Aadd9 |Asus |A |
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