The Beatles - I´m Looking Through You

I'm looking Dm7through youAmWhere did youGgo CI Fthought IDm7knew youAmWhat did IGknow? AmYou don't lookFdifferentCBut youDm7have Gchanged CI'mFlookingDm7through youF7You're not theCsame Your lips areDm7 movingAmI cannotGhear CYourFvoice isDm7soothingAmBut the words aren'tGclear AmYou don't soundFdifferent I'veClearnt Dm7the Ggame CI'm Flooking Dm7through youF7You're not the Csame FWhy, Tell me why did you notC treat me right FLove has a nasty habit ofCdisappearingG7overnight CYou'reFthinking Dm7of me Am The same old Gway CYouFwereDm7above me AmBut not Gtoday AmThe onlyFdifference IsCyou're Dm7downGthere CI'm Flooking Dm7thru you F7 and you're Cnowhere
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