The Beatles - I´ll Cry Instead

C9: x32033 G: 320033
I've got Gevery reC9ason on eGarth tC9o be mG, C9, G, C9ad, Cos GI just lC9ost the Gonly gC9irl I hDad If C7I could see you now, I'd try to make you say it somehow But I cGan't, so I'll crDy insteGad.
I got a chip on my shoulder that's bigger than my feet I can't talk to people that I meet If I could get my way, I'd get myself locked up today But I can't, so I'll cry instead.
Don't wanna cBmry when there's people there I get shAy when they start to stare, I'm goDnna hide myself away, but IE7'll come back agaA7in some dD7ay
And when I do you better hide all the girls I'm gonna break their hearts all round the world Yes I'm gonna break 'em in two, and show you what your lovin myn can do Until then I'll cry instead.
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