*note perfect listen carefully for chord changes in song* The chords are:
1G.Here I Dsusstand witFadd9h head iGn hand__C turn my face to thFadd9e wallC. IGf shes gDsusone i caFadd9nt go Gon___ Cfeeling two foot Csmall____________ D 2.GEver - ry Dsuswhere Fadd9people Gstare__ Ceach adn evryFadd9 day. C G Dsus Fadd9 G Fadd9 (to chrous) I can see them laugh at me__ and i hear them say______________
Chorus: D D7 D6 D G C Dsus D Dadd9 D Hey youve got to hide your love away
GHey youve got Cto hide your love Dsusaway D Dadd9 D
3G.How canDsus I Fadd9 even tGry__C I can neverFadd9 win. C GHearing Dsusthem Fadd9seeing Gthem Cin the state im iFadd9n______C________ D 4.GHow could Dsusshe say to Gme__ Clove will find a wFadd9ay C G Dsus G C Fadd9 C (to chorus) Gather round all you clowns let me hear you say ___________
(after 2nd chrous) G Dsus Fadd9 G C Fadd9 C G Dsus Fadd9 G C Fadd9 C G Look for more perfect tabs by rocknroll420
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