Hey Jude : Easy Version This is actually from the Across The Universe Soundtrack sung by Joe Anderson. So it's in a different key but I hope some novice players find it useful. Standard Tuning (CAPO 1) Chords
e|-D2--A0--A70---D72--(G3)-G/F#(3)--(Em73)---C/E-0--| B|-3--2--2---1--(3)-(3)--(3)----1--| G|-2--2--0---2---0---0----0-----0--| D|-0--2--2---0---0---0----0-----2--| A|-0--0--0---0---2---0----2-----3--| E|---------------3---2----0-----3--|
Hey DJude don’t make iAt bad take a sad song anA7d make it better D Remember to letG her into your heart D and then you can start to makeA7 it better D
Hey Jude don’Dt be afraid A you were made to goA7 out and get her D The minute you letG her under your skin D then you begin to make iA7t better D D7
And anytime you feel the pain hey Jude G refrain G/F# Em7 Don’t carry the world upon yA7our shoulder D D7 For well you know that it’s a fool who plaGys it cooG/F#l Em7 by making his world a littlA7e colder D
Interlude: DD7 – (A7)
Hey DJude don’t let mAe down You have A7found her now go and Dget her ReGmember to let her into you Dheart then you can A7start to make it Dbetter better better D7better better better A7YAH!!!
DNah Nah Nah C/ENah na Nah NAH Gnah na nah NAH , Hey DJude! DNah Nah Nah C/ENah na Nah NAH Gnah na nah NAH , Hey DJude!
repeat till fade...
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