The Beatles - Hey bulldog

Hey Bulldog has some of McCartney's really fine bass work. =) And the other bass tab on site for this song sucks. So here's my version. Not 100% accurate, and there are way too many variations (takes up way too much time to out and tab). But these tabs are good enough to mess with and improvise. Intro G|-------------------------------------| D|---------------12----14----15----16--| A|--12h14-12h14------14----14----------| E|-------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------| D|-----------12----16----15----14-| A|--14-14------14----14-----------| E|--------------------------------| Riff 2 (Verse and Solo) Varies throughout different parts of the song. Just improv if you're jamming. And if you the exact basslines, then figure em out yourself. Work out your ears. =D Sheepdog Standing in the rain G|----------------------------------------| D|--9-99999997--6-----------79-79--9-7----| A|------------------9-9--9----------------| E|----------------------------------------| Bullfrog Doing it again G|-----------------------------------7----| D|--9-9--999-76-----------7-97-97-7/9-----| A|--------------7--8--9-9-----------------| E|----------------------------------------| Riff 3 Some kind of innocence is measured out in miles G|-----------------------------------------| D|--7-7---7--4-4---4---2-2----04-6-04-06---| A|------7--------4-------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| What makes you think that you're so special when you smile? G|-----------------------------------------| D|--7-7---7--4-4-----------4-4-----4-4-----| A|------7--------4--3--2-2----2-22---------| E|-----------------------------------------| Riff 4 You can talk to me... G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|--7-7-7-2/7-7-7-2/7-7-7-2/7-7-2/7-7------| ...If you're G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------| A|--7-7-7-2/7-7-7-2/7-7-7-2/7-7-2/7-7------| E|-----------------------------------------| Lonely you can talk to me G|--------------------| D|--------------------| A|--------5--7-7-7-7--| E|--7-7-7-------------| Riff 5 Basically the same as intro but on a lower octave. G|------------------| D|------------------| A|-------5--7--8--9-| E|--7-7----7--7-----| G|------------------| D|------------------| A|-------5--9--8--7-| E|--7-7----7--7-----| Outro G|-----------------------| D|-------5h7-7777777--77-| A|-----------------------| E|--7-7------------------| G|-----------------| D|-----------7979--| A|--9-9--9--9------| E|-----------------| G|--------------------| D|--9-9-9--7--97-9-7--| A|--------9-----------| E|--------------------| G|-------------------| D|-------------------| A|--9-9---7-9-9---7--| E|------9-------9----| G|-------------------| D|--9-9---7-9-9---7--| A|------9-------9----| E|-------------------| G|-------------------| D|--------------7----| A|--9-9---7-9-9---9--| E|------9------------| There are lots of variations in the outro, and some of them are just basically octaves of B and F# (that's 9 on D string and 7 on E string for B, and 9 on A string and 11 G string for F#.) Well, hell, the throughout the entire song McCartney is throwing in improvised So just get the feel for it and have fun with the basic outline I've tabbed for you. =D If you are to come across a mistake, please tell me so in a comment or correct it =)
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