Capo 7th fret D//D//G//A7 X2 D DSUS2 D Here comeS the sun
GHere comes the sE7un D DSUS2 D And I say it's all right
/Bmadd11 Asus4/ G6 Asus4 A7// D DSUS2 D G A7 A7sus4 Little dar - ling, it's been a long, cold lonley winter D DSUS2 D G A7 A7sus4 little dar - ling it feels like years since it's been here. chorus verse chorus /F /C /G/B /G /D /A7 / (//F /C /G/B /G /D /A7 //)-5 times sun, sun, sun, here it comes verse chorus x2 / Bmadd11 Asus4/ G6 Asus4 A7 /F C / G/B G / D/A //
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