The Beatles - Hello little girl

Artist: The Beatles Song:"Hello Little Girl" URL: Album:"Anthology 1" URL: Version: 1.0 AUTHOR: Tab annotated by rikigo ( TUNING: Standard Tuning. BACKGROUND: This is John Lennon's first song that was recorded and used in their unsuccessful to secure a recording contract, for Decca in 1962. CHORDS: E7 ========== 020100 A =========== x02220 F#7 ======== 242322 Bm7 ========= x24232 D =========== XX0323 E =========== 022100 C#m ========= X46654 Bb ========== XX3331 A6 ========== X02222 NC E7 A F#7 Bm7 Hello little girl, _________
E7Hello little Agirl, F#7_____Bm7____ E7Hello little Agirl. F#7_____Bm7____ E7
Verse 1:
When I Asee you everyE day, I Dsay, &quE7ot;MDm-mmE, hello liAttle girl" When you're Apassing on your Eway, I Dsay, &quE7ot;DMm-mmE, hello lAittle girl."
Verse 2:
When I Asee you passing Eby, I cry, Mm-mm, hello little girl When I try tAo catch your Eeye, I cDry, &quoE7t;MDm-mm,E hello liAttle girl."
Bridge 1:
AI send you flowF#7ers Bm7you don't E7care AYou never F#7seem to see me Bm7standing E7there AI often F#7wonder what you're Bm7thinking E7of AI hope it's F#7me and Bm7love love E7love
Verse 3:
So I hope Athere'll come a Eday When you Dsay, &quE7ot;MmD-mm, YoEu're my liAttle girl."
(Solo) A E | D E | D E | E Bridge 2: (Hello)
AIt's not theF#7 first time that it's Bm7happened to E7me Ait's been a F#7long Bm7lonely time E7 AAnd it's so F#7funny, it's Bm7funny to seeE7 Athat I'm F#7about to lose my Bm7mi-mi E7mind
Verse 4:
So I Ahope there'll come a Eday When you Dsay, &quE7ot;DMm-mm, YoEu're my liAttle girl."
Mm-mF#7m, You'Bm7re my lEittle gAirl Mm-mF#7m, You'Bm7re my lEittle gAirl F#7 Bm7 E A C#m BbOh AyeA6ah, __You're my little girl____
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