The Beatles - Happy rishikesh song

THE HAPPY RISHIKESH SONG by John Lennon (Capo 5th fret.) [G] All you need to [Em] do is to [G] say this little [Em] word; I [G] know it sounds ab[Em]surd but it's [D] true. The [G] magic in the [Em] mantra will [G] give you all the [Em] answers. Just [G] swallow this, that's [D] all you got to [G] do. [D] Everything you need is here, And [G] everything that's not here is not there, And [D] if there's something missing in this God almighty plan [G] Could it be you [Em] need a [G] woman' [Em] First Verse Second Verse (n.c. on last line) First Verse [n.c.] Take three times a day after every meal. First Verse
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