Artist: The Beatles Song: Happiness Is A Warm Gun Album: The Beatles [The White Album] (1968) URL:'v=qE2Vdcv9Q_o; Tempo: 4|4 & 6|4 Style: Tri-segmented Ballad Tuning: Standard Chords EADGBe Am7: X02010 Am6: X02212 Em9: 020002 Em: 022000 Dm6: XX0201 Am* XXX210 A7: X02020 C: X32010 Am: X02210 F: 133211 G: 320033 Am/C: X32210 F/C: X33211 G/B: X20033 Fm/C: X33111 VERSE 1:
Am7She's not a Am6girl who misses Em9much, Em Am7Do do do do Am6do do do do, oh Em9yeah. Em Dm6She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand, Am* Like a lizard on a window pane. The Dm6man in the crowd with the multicoloured mirrors, Am* On his hobnail boots. Dm6Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy, Am* Working overtime. Dm6A soap impression of his wife which he ate, Am* And donated to the National Trust.
A7I need a fix cos I'm going down, A7Down to the bits that I left uptown. CI need a fix cos I'm Amgoing down
A7Mother Superior Cjump the gun, A7Mother Superior G7jump the gun.
CHappiAmness is a Fwarm Ggun (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot, CHappiAmness is a Fwarm Ggun, mama (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot). CWhen I hAmold you Fin my Garms (Oo-oo oh yeah), CAnd I feAmel my Ffinger on Gyour trigger (Oo-oo oh yeah). CI know Amno one Fcan do me Gno harm (Oo-oo oh yeah), CBecause Am/Chappiness is aF/C warm gun,G/B mama (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot). CHappiAmness is a Fwarm gun. Yes Git is (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot), Fm/C NC Happiness is a warm'. Yes it is, gun (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot).
CWell, Amdon't you know Fhappiness is a warm Ggun, mama' (Happiness is a warm gun, Cyeah).
[End] Notes. 1. John got the idea to this title from headline in a gun magazine, which read "Happiness Is Warm Gun In Your Hand." The song itself was really three unfinished song ideas put together, and it was a complicated and long process to get it recorded. It worked out in the end though, after 70 takes, thanks to a joint team effort from all four members. 2. The title carries sexual connotations, of course, the kind that would typically amuse John. The BBC even banned the song for this reason. The lyrics have some odd references to real people and places, "Mother Superior," for example, was one of John's nicknames for Yoko Ono.
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