The Beatles - Hallelujah i love her so

Play all these chords in bar form!
Bb Let me tellG7 you about a Cgirl I knF7ow BbShe's my G7baby and I lCove her F7so BbEvery morning when the G7sun comes up D#7She brings me coffee in my C7favorite cup
(the chords are a bit sketchy at this part but if you listen close youll make them work)
That'sBb why I G7know, yes IC knC7ow F7 HBballelujah I just love her so
BbWhen I call her on the C7telephone BbShe says, "BaG7by, I'm all alone" BbBy the time I count frC7om one to four F7 ----------------> She'll be knocking on my door
BbIn the eveniG7ng when the Csun goes dF7own BbAnd there aG7in't nobody eClse arounF7d BbShe kisses me and she G7holds me tight SD#7he says, "Baby evC7erything is alright" That's wBbhy IG7 know, that's wChy I C7know HF7allelujah, I jusBbt love her so G7 HC7allelujah, I jF7ust love herBb so G7 HC7allelujah, I jusF7t love that chick Bbso
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