The Beatles - Goodbye

this was one of those songs that the Beatles gave away. I think i like Paul's acoustic demo better. The Beatles (Paul) Goodbye (demo) (Lennon/McCartney)
CPlease don't wake me up to Emlate TomorAmrow comes, and FI will Dmnot be late CLate today when it becoEmmes tomorAmrow I will Fleave and G7go awCay
GGoodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, GMy love, goodbye CSongs that lingered on my Emlips Excite meAm now FAnd linger on my Dmmind CLeave your flowers at my Emdoor I leave Amthem for The Fone who waits Dmbehind
CBaEm baAm baF bDma bCa Emba Amba.F..G7 C (chorus) CFar away my lover Emsings A lonely Amsong and calls Fme to his Dmside CWhere the sound of lonely Emdrums Invites me Fon I must be by his Dmside
CGooEmoooAmoooDmooooooooodbye Bye bye C
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