The Beatles - Good Morning

A, D Good mAorning, good Dmorning, good Amorning, good Dmorning, good Amorning ah ANothing to A7do to Gsave his life call his wife Ain ANothing to A7say but "GWhat a Day, how's your boy Abeen?" DNothing to do, its up to Eyou I've got Anothing to A7say but Gits okay Good AMorning, good Dmorning, good Amorning ah
AGoing to A7work, don't Gwant to go feeling low Adown AHeading for A7home you Gstart to roam when you're in AtownD, A
Everybody knDows there's nothing doAing Everything's clDosed, it's like a rAuin Everyone you sDee is half asAleep And you're on your Down you're in the stAreet
AAfter a A7while you Gstart to smile, now you feel cAool AThen you deA7cide to Gtake a walk by the old scAhool DNothing had changed it's still the sEame I've got Anothing to A7say but Git's okay Good Amorning, good Dmorning, good Amorning ah
solo A A7 G A A A7 G A D A
People running Dround it's five o'Aclock Everywhere in Dtown is getting Adark Everyone you Dsee is full of lAife It's time for Dtea and meet the wAife
ASomebody nA7eeds to knGow the time, glad that I'm hAere AWatching the skA7irts you stGart to flirt, now you're in gAear DGo to a show you hope she gEoes I've got notAhing to sA7ay, but iGt's okay Good moArning, good moDrning, goA, Dod Good moArning, good moDrning, goAod..D.
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