The Beatles - Golden slumbers

It's not 100% to the actual recording, but it's how I play it. Picking pattern for Am7 e|--------------------| b|-1------1------1----| g|-0------0------0----| d|--------------------| a|----0------0------0-| e|--------------------| Once there... To get back- Picking pattern for Dm7 e|-1------1------1----| b|-1------1------1----| g|--------------------| d|----0------0------0-| a|--------------------| e|--------------------| Homeard. Fill from Dm7 to G7 e|-----------| b|-----------| g|-2---------| d|------0----| a|---------2-| e|-----------| Picking for G7 Here a run into an open C chord begins e|----1------1------1------1------1------1-| b|----0------0------0------0------0------0-| g|-----------------------------0------0----| d|---------------0------0------------------| a|--------2--------------------------------| e|-3---------------------------------------| Once there was a way.... to... And...............C Chord Eminor e|----1------1-------0------0------0------0------0-| b|----0------0-------0------0------0------0------1-| g|-------------------------------------------------| d|-0---------------------2-------------2----0h2----| a|--------2-------3-------------2------------------| e|-------------------------------------------------| Get back home..... Sleep... Dar ling.... e|----0------1------1------1-| b|----1------1------1------1-| g|-2------2------------------| After this do the run from Dm7 -> G7 -> C d|---------------0------0----| Then the chorus starts. a|---------------------------| e|---------------------------| Don't Cry you (hit C only once) | C F C Golden Slumbers fill your eyes! Smiles await you when you rise Em Am Dm7 G7 Sleep little darling don't you cry G7 C And I will sing a lullby. Also, for the picking sections, I wasn't worried about being too accurate with lyric placement. But I did try to stay close in a couple of spots where I thought it was necessary. Hope you enjoy it. BigBubbaBacon
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