The Beatles - Fool on the hill

"The Fool On The Hill" (Lennon / McCartney) The Beatles Chords: EADGBE D6: xx0432 Em7/D: xx0433 Em7: xx2433 A7: x02223 Bm7: 224232 Dm: xx0231 C7: x32310 Dm7: xx0211 Dm+5: x00331 INTRO: D6
D6Day after day, alEm7/Done on a hill D6The man with the foolish grin is keeping pEm7/Derfectly still
But nEm7obody wants to kA7now him They can D6see that he's just a fBm7ool And Em7he never gives an aA7nswer
Dm Dm+5 Dm Dm+5 But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down
And the eC7yes in his head see the wDmorld spinning rDm7ound D6
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