Am7Asked a girl what she Dwanted to be Am7She said:"'Baby D,can't you see? Am7I want to be famous Da star on the screen Embut you can do somethingEm7 in between"
F#m7Baby, you can drive my Am7car Bm7, Cm7, Bm7, Am7 F#m7Yes I'm gonna be a Am7starBm7, Cm7, Bm7, Am7 F#m7Baby you can drive my Am7car And Bm7maybe I'llEm7+ love you
Am7I told that girl that my Dprospects were good Am7And she said:"Baby, Dit's understood Am7Working for peanuts Dis all very fine EmBut I can show you Em7+a better time"
Refrén Beep beep mm beep beep, yeah solo refrén
Am7I told that girl I could Dstart right away Am7And she said listen babe I'veD got something to say Am7I got no car and it'sD breakin' my heart EmBut I've got a Em7driver and Em7+that's a start
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