The Beatles - Don`t Pass Me By chords ver. 1

INTRO: -----------13--15-13-12-------------------------------- -15-13-15----------------15--13----13------------------ --------------------------------14-----12-------------- -------------------------------------------14--12-10-9- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- -10h12--8-7------ ------------10-8- OUTRO: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------9--------9------------------------------------------- -10-12---10--12---10--------10------------------------------ ----------------------10h12----------10-12-10-------------7- -------------------------------12-13----------13-12--8-10--- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- ----------------------0-2-0----------------- -------2~---------0-2-------2---0----------- -3-0----------0-3-------------3---3-1-0----- -----3------3---------------------------3-0-
I Clisten for your footsteps coming up the drive FListen for your footsteps but they don't arrive GWaiting for your knock dear on my old front door I don't Fhear it does it mean you don't love me any Cmore
I Chear the clock ticking on the matle shelf FSee the hands a moving but I'm by myself I Gwonder where you are tonight and why I'm by myself I don't Fsee you does it mean you don't love me anymCore
Don't pass me by, Cdon't make me cry, don't make me blue 'cause you know Fdarling you know I love only you you'll never Cknow it hurt me so how I hate to see you go Don't pass me Gby Don't make me Fcry
I'm soCrry that I doubted you, I was so unfair FYou were in a car crash and you lost your hair You Gsaid that you would be late about an hour or two I Fsaid that's alright I'm waiting here waiting to hear from yCou
CHORUS:... two three four five six seven eight CHORUS:
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