Firstly the other tabs are wrong. Personally, I could not get where McCartney played it because it seemed so nice to play it starting with the open hand E ie. like the guitar. But after seeing the video I learned that was not the case. Got a good reason... G|------------9-7---11---7-9--| D|----------9-----9----9------| A|--7-10-11-------------------| E|----------------------------| Got a good reason... (2nd time) G|-----------------------------| D|--7-10-11---7------9------7--| A|----------7---10-7---7-10----| E|-----------------------------| She was a day tripper... (1st and 3rd times) G|---------9-8-11--| D|----9-11---------| A|--9--------------| E|-----------------| I took me so long to find... (1st and 3rd times) G|-------------------------------------| D|-----12----------------11-13---------| A|--12-------10-9-12--11-------9-8-11--| E|--------12---------------------------| But I found out... (Same notes but different timing for 2nd time) G|-----------------------------| D|--11------7-11-7----------7--| A|-----7-11------------7-11----| E|------------------12---------| Chorus (2nd time) The timing is quite different to the 1st + 3rd chorus' G|---------9-8-11--| D|----8-11---------| A|--9--------------| E|-----------------| Bridge (difficult to show timing but basically it gets faster) G|-------------------| D|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--| A|-------------------| E|-------------------| Outro (3rd time verse riff is played) G|------------9-7---7---7---7----| D|----------9-----9---9---9---9--| A|--7-10-11----------------------| E|-------------------------------|
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