Whats up everyone. I'm Chris LaBenne, and this is probably the only online bass tab for "Cry Baby Cry" by the Beatles that you'll find without having to pay for it. The song doesn't really have any loud bass anyway, but this sounds good if someone is playing the chords on a distorted electric guitar. Kind of a cool song to distort for a garage band despite its slow speed. (I know this is irrelevant, but if you set the speaker balance to only the right speaker on the beginning of this song, the chrous will have no vocals. It sounds pretty cool.) INTRO g-----------------------------------------------------------| d-----------------------------------2-2-2-2-----------------| a-----------0-0-0-0-------------------------0-0-0-0---------| e---3-3-3-3---------1-1-1-1-3-3-3-3-----------------1-1-1-1-| VERSE g-----------------------------------------------------| d---2---2---1---1---0---0-----------------------------| play this a---------------------------4---4---3-3-3-3-----------| 2x e-------------------------------------------3-3-3-3---| CHORUS g----------------------------------------------------| d---------------------------2-2-2-2------------------| a---0-0-0-0-------------------------0-0-0-0----------| e-----------1-1-1-1-3-3-3-3-----------------1-1-1-1--| Repeat VERSE and CHORUS throughout sing until OUTRO OUTRO CHORUSES g-------------------------------------------------------------| d-----------------------------------2-2-2-2-------------------|repeat until a-----------0-0-0-0-------------------------0-0-0-0-----------|end, but last e---3-3-3-3---------1-1-1-1-3-3-3-3-----------------1-1-1-1---|note is open E LAST NOTE g---------| d---------| a---------| e---0~~~--| PAUL McCARTNEY ENDING BIT g-------------------| d---3-------3-------|repeat however many times is needed a-------3-------3---| until the fade-out e-------------------| Hope you like it. Tell me if there's any problems by E-mailing me at HeyNaBenne8@aol.com. Chris LaBenne
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