Boys:The Beatles. THis song was first done by the Shirelles in 1960. It was released as cut#5 on the Beatles album - Please Please Me in 1963. (The original key is E.) #1.
AI've been told when a boy kiss a girl, He take a trip around the world. Hey, DHey, bop, bop..bop 'em, bop 'em shoo bop... Hey, AHey, bop, bop...bop 'em, bop 'em, shoo bop... Hey, Ehey...Hey, hey, Dhey, Yes, they say you Ado.E7
AMy girl says when I kiss her lips, Gets the thrill to her fingertips, Hey, DHey, bop, bop...bop 'em, bop 'em, shoo bop.. Hey, AHey, bop, bop...bop 'em bop 'em shoo bop... Hey, EHey...Hey, hey, Dhey, Yeah, she said you Ado.
E7Well, I talk about Aboys, yeah, yeah. Don't you know I mean boys..yeah, yeah. Well, I talk about Dboys now, yeah, Aboys. Well, I talk about E7boys now, DWhat a bundle of Ajoy.E7
REPEAT#2. CHORUS:(x2) A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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