The Beatles - Birthday

g---------------------------| d---------5-4-------------4-| a-----4-7-----7---4-4-7-7---| e-5-5-----------5-----------| g---------5-4-------------4-| d-----4-7-----7---4-4-7-7---| You'll notice the five extra beats at a-5-5-----------5-----------| the end of the main riff. These are fills e---------------------------| and are present in the recording if you listen closely. Unlike the guitar the g---------7-6-------------6-| Bass line never rests. d-----6-9-----9---6-6-9-9---| a-7-7-----------7-----------| e---------------------------| after ringo's little drum fill come in with an E note. I like to use the second fret of the D string. Just listen to the song to get the rythm. then comes the chorus fill.. g---------------------------------| d-----2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-| a-3-3-----------------------------| repeat several times. e---------------------------------| then these little riffs come in. g-2---0-2-0-----------| d---2-------2-0-------| a---------------3-0---| e-------------------3-| g-------2-5-9-5-7-5-2-0-| d-----2-----------------| a---5-------------------| e-5---------------------|
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