From: Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:02:09 EDT Subject: b/beatles/besame_mucho.crd This song has been around for a while, recorded by Elvis and the Beatles. I keep hearing different versions of it, done in classical style as well as flamenco. Play it Rock 'n Roll or as you feel. This is The Beatles version- Billy Seven BESAME MUCHO
BesamAme, besame mucho Dm eachDm time I cling to your kiss I hear music devine Am (So) BesamAe, Besame mucho Dm Dm E Am spoken I'll love you forever say that you'll always be mine (Cha cha boom) TearAms form if you should leave me Dm Dm Am*Then each little dream will take wings and my life will be through (Oh)BesameA, Besame mucho Dm You'll loveAm me forever EMake all my dreams come true>* Am (Chorus)Ooh tDmhis joyous something new my arms there hoAmlding you nevEer knew this thrill Ambefore Dm Am who ever thought I'd be holding you close to me B E whispering it's you I adore (Yeah, so) Dearest oAmne, if you should leave me*(back to 1sDmt *,continue>through chorus to 3rd *,back to 1st *, end at 2nd *)
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