BAD TO ME Words & Music By John Lennon & Paul McCartney Copyright 1963 Northern Songs Limited
(1.) The Dbirds in the F#msky would be Bmsad and lonely, if they Dknew that F#m(2.)A7 The Dleaves on the trF#mees would be Bmsoftly sighin', if they Dheard from the
(1.) F#m I lost my Bmone and only, They'd be Gsad don't be A7bad to Dme. (2.) breeze that you left me cryin', They'd be sad don't be bad to me.
(3.) But I know you Gwon't leave me, 'cause you toldA7 me so and F#mI've no (4.) But I know you won't leave me, 'cause you told me so and I've no
(3.) intention of B7letting you go Emjust as long as you A7let me know you (4.) intention of letting you go just as long as you let me know you
(3.) Dwon't be Dmbad to Emme.A7 So the Dbirds in the F#msky won't beBm sad and lonely, (4.) won't be bad to me. So the birds in the sky won't be sad and lonely,
(3.) 'cos they Dknow that F#mI got myBm one and only, they'll be Gglad you're not (4.) 'cos they know that I got my one and only, they'll be glad you're not
(3.) A7bad to Dme. (4.) A7bad to Amme. B7
(4.) They'll be Gglad you're not A7bad to Dme. F#m Bm A7 D
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