And Your Bird Can Sing Strumming Pattern: The Beatles Up Down Up Down and reapeat Revolver
Ayou tell me that you've got everything you want EAnd your bird can sing CBut you don't get me,Dyou don't get me
AYou say you've seen sevenE wonders and your bird isC green but you don't get me, Dyou don't get Ame
FWhen your prized possesions Bstart wear you down G7Look in my direction Ci'll be round, G7i'll be round
Fwhen your bird is broken Bwill it bring you down G7You may be awoken Ci'll be round, G7i'll be round
AYou tell me that you heard every sound there is Eand your bird can Cswing but you cant here Dme, you cant here Ame
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