The best Beatles song wasn't that good tabed on the internet, so I tought I could help!!! Enjoy!
GI read the Bmnews today oh, Emboy CAbout a Emlucky man who made the Cmajgrade GAnd though the Bmnews was rather Emsad CWell I just Fhad to laughEm Em7 CI saw the FphotograEmph Cmaj
GHe blew his Bmmind out in a cEmar CHe didn't Emnotice that the lights had cCmajhanged GA crowd of peopBmle stood and staEmred CThey'd seen Fhis face before, EmNobody was really sure if Em7he was from the house of Clords.
GI saw a filBmm today oh, boyEm CThe english Emarmy had just won thCmaje war GA crowd of Bmpeople turned Emaway CBut I just Fhad a look EmHaving Em7read the Cbook, CI'd love to Bmturn... Gyou... Emon...
Intermezzo (Eminor turns into Emajor)
EWoke up, fell out of bed, Dsus4/D/D2/D Dragged a comb across my head EFound my way downstairs and F#m7drank a cup, And Elooking up I nF#m7oticed I was latB7e. Found Emy coat and grabbed my hat Dsus4/D/D2/D Made the bus in seconds flat Found my Eway upstairs and F#m7had a B7smoke, and Esomebody spoke and I F#m7went into a dream
AmAaaahhhhh C G D E D C D G
GI read the Bmnews today oh bEmoy CFour thousand Emholes in blackburn, lCmajancashire GAnd though the Bmholes were rather Emsmall CThey had to Fcount them all, EmNow they know how many holes it Em7takes to fill the albert Chall. I'd Clove to Bmturn... GyoAmu... Eon...
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