Slank - Virus (english version)

Chord Slank-Virus Vers.Engglis Intro : Dm F C G
DDmon’t ever waFnt to be a demonC which follows you arGound. DDmon’t ever waFnt to be some evCilthing leading you aGstray. FAmor youEm to knowF me andC so love Emme well. thAmere’s something Emyou must know and that??F?s to show me your loFve is real and Fmtake me as I am now Aand forCever moreG.
IDm m nothing liFke a raging firCe consuming yourG heart. neDmver want to bFe like a bed ofC nails Piercing and wGounding you bAmut I wEmant to bFe open Cwith you Emnot to hurt you aAmnd though the trutEmh hurts I must speak honFestly ‘Cause that??F?s the way I amFm.Now AAnd foreCver more G
Musik : F Em F C 2x G
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