Sheila On 7 - Perfect time

Intro : F C F C 2x
Emtonight is the perfect Ftime Gpack my things and Ftry Emremember all the Dmwords Cthat went bad
Emthese hands you should Fhold Gthis heart you should Fkeep Emlet the stars aDmbove us Creplace all the falling tears
Amwould it be better if we Bmwere never near Cknowing you more has aDlways been my fear let’s Fsay goodbye to find a better place beGfore it’s too late
[Reff] 2x
Cthere is always a Gway for love Bbbut sometimes not on Amthe same road Bmdreaming is the only land Gfits for you and me
Interlude : F C F G F C F G Kembali Ke : [pre-reff],[Reff] Outro : C Bm Bb Am Dm G
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