Queen - Youre my best friend

Queen: You're My Best Friend Listen to the original song to get a feel for the intro and chord changes. The few versions that I found on the net were not that easy to play, so here is a modified version. Sounds great played on an acoustic with a jazzy / bluesy vocal, fingerpicking optional for a different sound Hope you enjoy, Sean Cheers to Mal and Clare - what a great day Intro C F/C C F/C (free flow - Ad lib)
F/COooh, you make me lCive. WhatevF/Cer this world can giCve to me It's yF/Cou, you're all I Csee. OF/Cooh, you make me lCive now honey OF/Cooh, you make me lCive G/B Am
You're the Dbest friend that I eFver hGad I've Cbeen with G/Byou such a lAmong time You're my Dsunshine and I Fwant you to Gknow That my Efeelings are Amtrue. I rGeally lFove you, Fm7Oooh You're my Cbest friend
OF/Coo, you make me lCive, G/BOoo I've bAmeen wanderingAm/G round but I stFill come back to yFm7ou In Grain or Eshine you've Amstood by me D7girl I'm G6(ha h a p p y) at hGome. You're my bCest friend
F/COooh, you make me Clive. F/CWhenever this world is Ccruel to me I got F/Cyou to help me foCrgive, Ooo Ooo Ooo, OF/Coo you make mCe live now honey F/COooh, you make me lCive G/B Am
You're the Dfirst one, when tFhings turn out Gbad You knCow I'll neG/Bver be lAmonely, you’re myD only one And I Flove the tGhings. I reEally lAmove the Gthings that Fyou do, Fm7Oooo You're my Cbest friend…………………………….
F/COoo, you make me Clive Guitar Solo / Chord Break
G/B Am Am/G F Fm7 G E Am D7 G6 G
You're myC best friend, oF/Coohhhh C F/COooh, you’re myC best friend F/COooh, you make me lCive F/CYou, you’re my besCt friend
Outro - Em C Em C Em C
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