Queen - You take my breath away

*A capella* Oooh oooh take it take it all away Oooh ooh take my breath away Oooh ooh yoooo take my breath away
AmLook into my Geyes and youll Fsee Im the Gonly Amone Dm Am AmYouve Gcaptured my Amlove Gstolen my Amheart GChanged my Clife GEvery time you make a move you destroy my Fmind FAnd the way you Amtouch I lose Fcontrol and shiver Dmdeep inside You take my breath Amaway
You can reduce me to tears with a single sigh Evry breath that you take Any sound that you make is a whisper in my ear I could give up all my life for just one kiss I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love You take my breath away
AmSo please dont Ggo GDont leave me here all by myself GI get ever so lConely from time to Ctime I will Dmfind you A7anywhere you go DmIll be right behind you GRight until the ends of the Cearth CIll get no Amsleep until I find you FTo tell you that you just take my breath aAmway Dm Am
I will find you anywhere you go Right until the ends of the earth Ill get no sleep until I find you To tell you when Ive found you I love you Take my breath take my breath ... away
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