Queen - You Are My Best Friend

Dmi/COoo, you make me lCive. WhateDmi/Cver this world can giCve to me It's Dmi/Cyou, you're all I Csee. Dmi/COoo, you make me lCive now honey
Dmi/COoo, you make me lC, G/B, Amiive You're the Dbest friend that I eFver hGad
I've Cbeen with G/Byou such a Amlong time You're my Dsunshine and I Fwant you to Gknow
That my E/G#feelings are tAmrue. I rGeally love F, Fm6you You're my Cbest friend
Dmi/C, COoo, you make me live C I'veCaddG# been wC6andC7ering round but I Fstill come back Fm6to you
In Grain or Eshine you've Amstood by me D7girl I'm G6happy, happy atG home. You're myC best friend
Ooo, you make me live Whenever this world is cruel to me I got you to help me forgive Ooo, you make me live now honey Ooo, you make me live You're the first one When things turn out bad You know I'll never be lonely You're my only one And I love The things that you do You're my best friend Ooo, you make me live I'm happy, happy at home You're my best friend You're my best friend Ooo, you make me live You, you're my best friend --- Dm/C x3x231 C x3x010 G/B x2003x Fm6 133131 E/G# 476454 CaddG# x3x110 C6 x3x210 C7 x3x310 G6 320000
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