Queen - You and i

You And I Queen (John Deacon) A Day At The Races (1976) Some notes on playing below Intro: D - Dsus4 - D - Dsus4 D - Dsus4 - G - D - A/E - D - A
DMusic is playing in the AdarknessA7 and a Bmlantern goes swinging Gby Gm DShadows flickering,A my heart's Asus4jitteriAng G Just Dyou A/Eand DI A GNot tonight, come tomorrow When Deverything's sunny and brightD7 G No no no, come tomorrow 'cause Ethen we'll be waiting for the Amoonlight
We'll go GwalkDing in the F7moonElight CWalking Gin the BbmoonAlightA7
DLaughter ringing in the Adarkness A7 People Bmdrinking for daysG gone by Gm DTime don't mean a thing AWhen you're Asus4by my sAide G Please Dstay A/Ea whDile A
F# You know I never could forsee the Bmfuture years F# You know I never could see Where life was Bmleading me A D But will we be together forAeverF#? What will Bmbe my love? Can't you Esee that I just Adon't know?A7
-Solo- [Verse chords] No no, not tonight, not tomorrow Everything's gonna be alright (sunny and bright) Wait and see if tomorrow we'll be as happy as we're feeling tonight We'll go walking in the moonlight (we'll be happy) Walking in the moonlight I can hear the music in the darkness Floating softly to where we lie No more questions now Let's enjoy tonight
G(Just Dyou A/Eand DI) A GJust Dyou Aand DI
D - Dsus4 - D - Dsus4 (play around with these until the end) Just you and I Can't you see that we've gotta be together Be together just you and I just you and I No more questions just you and I Notes: For the last line of the verse, where the chord progression goes like this: G - D - A/E - D, I like to do a little fast picking on strings 4-6 (low E to D), as the chord progression sounds kind of awkward. What I do is: e|------------------2---| B|------------------3---| G|------------------2---| D|------0-----0---2-0---| A|----2-----0---0-------| E|--3-----2-------------| Of course, these can be strummed, and then it would go [320xxx]-[200xxx]-[x02xxx]-[xx0232] Another thing, I add the Asus4 to the third line of the verse, just for added color, but it can easily be skipped.
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