Queen - White Queen (as It Began) chords ver. 1

GSo Dsad her Emeyes, GsmiDling dark Emeyes GSo Dsad her Emeyes, Gas Dit beAmgan
On Amsuch a breathless night as this Am/GUpon my brow the lightest kiss I Fwalked alone And all around the air did say My lady soon will stir this way In sorrow known
The Cwhite queen Gwalks and the Cnight Ggrows Ampale DStars of Amlovingness Din her Ahair
GNeeDding - unEmheard GPleaDding - one Emword GSo Dsad my Emeyes GShe Dcannot Amsee
How did thee fare, what have thee seen The mother of the willow green I call her name And 'neath her window have I stayed I loved the footsteps that she made And when she came
CWhite Queen how my Fheart did ache And Bbdry my lips noE word would make AmSo still I wait Am, Am/G, F
My Cgoddess hear my Gdarkest fear I Cspeak Gtoo Amlate DIt's for Amevermore DI Await
GDear Dfriend Emgoodbye No tears in my eyes So sad it ends As it began
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