Queen - We will rock you live bass tabs ver. 1

SONG: We will rock you (live) My first tabb This is how me and my bass-teacher plays We will rock you(live), its very simple If you play with the drums before and after the vocals (during guitar solo) It sounds great Follow the drums, play 0 0 on the bassdrum/ floor tom/ stomps i use some slides on the octaves some times (experiment) and so on.. G----------------------------------------------------------------| D----------------------------------------------------------------| A----------------------------------------------------------------| E--0-0---\12---0-0--12--0-0-12-----------------------------------| Alt I hit the strings instead off play octaves, experiment again what strings are best to i usaly hits the higher strings G-D-A G--------x-------x------x----------------------------| D--------x-------x------x----------------------------| A--------x-------x------x----------------------------| E--0-0---x--0-0----0-0-------------------------------|
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