Queen - We are the champions

Queen Tone: F
I ve paid myCm dueGm7/Cs And time afterCm timGm7/Ce I ve done myCm sentenGm7/Cce But commited noCm criGm7/Cme And bad miEbstakAbes I ve made aEb fewAb I ve had myEb share of sandBb/D kicked in mCmy face ButF7 I ve come tBbhrougCh
F We are theAm champions, myDm friBbendC AndF we ll keep Amon fighting till thBbe enD/F#d Gm Bbm Bbo We are the champions, we are the champions F No time forEb/G loosers causAb6e we are theBb7 champioCm7ns ( Fm7 Gm7/C ) Of the world
I ve taken myCm bowGm7/Cs And my curtainCm calGm7/Cls You brought meCm fame and fortune And everything that goes withGm7/C it I thank youCm allGm7/C But it s been no bed ofEb rosAbes No pleasureEb cruAbise I consider it aEb challenge Before the wholeBb/D humanCm race AndF7 I ain t gonnaBb loseC
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