Queen - Too much love will kill you

Ok, I just made some corrections to the version that was here already and added the last chorus. enjoy Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen =================================== Intro: G – CG -- C
Im just the pieFces of the Fman I used to Fbe Too many Dmbitter tears are Graining down on Fme Im Dmfar away from Dmhome And Ive been fDmacing this alDmone For much too lonGg
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me About growing up and what a struggle it would be In my tangled state of mind Ive been looking back to find Where I went wrong
FToo much love will killF you If you canDmt make up your mGind FTorn between the loveFr And the loDmve you leave behinGd FYoure headed for disaFster cos you Dmnever read the D7signs FToo much love will kilFadd9l you FEvery time
--------------------- Brian May Guitar Solo --------------------- Too much love will kill you It will make you life a lie Yes too much love will kill you And you won't understand why You sell your life, you sell your soul And here it comes again Too much love will kill you In the end In the end
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