Queen - The night comes down

#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# THE NIGHT COMES DOWN (Freddie Mercury/Queen. From the 1st, self-titled albumn.) The real intro is some wild stuff around an Em that is well beyond my abilities. After enough Em improv it crashes into a B7 (I think). Then the intro below. Most of the verse material is light chops down (/). Chords: C# = xx4121, C#7 = x4342x, Dmaj7 = xx0222 Intro: Am Em D C# A Dmaj7 / / / / / / /
Dmaj7When I was D7young it Gcame to Dme, and I Gcould see the Csun breakingD Dmaj7Lucy was D7high, and sGo was BmI, Amdazzling, Dholding the C#7world insA7ide DmajOnce I beD7lieved in Geveryone, eGmveryone and anyDone can see
GOh A the Dnight Gcomes Ddown, Bmand F#mI get afGraid, of F#mlosing my D7way G A D G D F#m,G,F#m,Em7 A7 Oh the night comes down, Oh and it's dark again
Dmaj7 Once I could laugh with everyone, once I could see the good in me The black and the white distinctively, coloring, holding the world inside Now all the world is grey to me, nobody can see (you gotta believe it) [Chorus, ending:]
Em7 and it's A7dark again Em7 A7 Em (more ad-libbing, and it's dark again blending into "Good King Rat")
submitted by: Ted Hermary czth@musica.mcgill.ca
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